Senna marilandica

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North American perennial herb

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Eighty-six percent of the control plants and 86-100% of the treated plants of Senna marilandica emerged (Table 3).
1) No plants of Senna marilandica flowered in SD conditions (Table 4).
Mean values (n = 25) for various growth parameters of Senna marilandica and of S.
Although overall relative growth rates of Senna marilandica and S.
In Senna marilandica plants, a higher proportion of the photosynthate was allocated to roots than to shoots, whereas the opposite was true for S.
Senna marilandica plants did not absolutely require exposure to low temperatures for either shoot emergence or flowering (Table 3).
Effect of photoperiod on flowering and height of Senna marilandica (S.
The regulation of flowering in many plant species is affected by photoperiod (Garner and Allard, 1920; Vince-Prue, 1975; Salisbury and Ross, 1992), and this is true as well for Senna marilandica and S.
In the present study, Senna marilandica plants flowered only on LDs (Table 4), and thus our results agree with those of Garner and Allard (1931), Allard (1932) and Allard and Garner (1940) that S.
However, whereas up to 73% of the cold-treated, second-year plants of Senna marilandica flowered under greenhouse conditions (Table 3), only 26% of the cold-treated 2nd-year plants flowered in the LD chamber.