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Synonyms for send




send for someone


send for something

send someone down


send something off

send something out: dispatch

send something out: emit

send something out: produce

Synonyms for send

to cause (something) to be conveyed to a destination

to direct or allow to leave


to direct (a person) elsewhere for help or information

to move or excite greatly

send for: to demand to appear, come, or assemble

send forth: to discharge material, as vapor or fumes, usually suddenly and violently

send up: to place officially in confinement

Synonyms for send

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I think the groundsman was surprised it was a sending off, I think the linesman was surprised it was a sending off.
Sure the sending off did not help, but we were simply not good enough even before that.
He's very disappointed, it's very harsh," said Bruce of Cisse's sending off.
Jean Dahlberg, a court reporter who lives in Calabasas, was sending off gifts to local agencies she works with throughout the year.
If it's not a sending off then it turns out to be a disgraceful decision.
If it wasn't for the sending off we would have gone on to win the game - providing we took some of our chances.
We have been punished by conceding the penalty, punished by the defeat and I am being punished personally for the sending off.
He said: "Up until the sending off I thought that the referee had called all the decisions correctly, including the bookings from both sides.
NEIL LENNON and the Scottish Football Association are on course for yet another collision after the Celtic manager described his sending off at half-time at Ibrox as "a joke" and claimed he was "deprived of doing my job properly" during the 3-2 defeat to Rangers.
30 MAR: Branded a "British homosexual" by enraged Levski Sofia president Todor Batkov after wrongly sending off Cedric Bardon in UEFA cup quarter-final with Schalke.
I found out subsequently that Brennan had orchestrated the sending off with the officials during the second half, asking to get his marching orders in the final seconds for press purposes,' says a bemused Mr Cross.
Manager Lennie Lawrence confirmed today that an appeal against the sending off has been lodged.
But their joy was marred by the controversial sending off of Rowan Vine for his aggressive attitude.
I don't think it was a sending off, it was a bad decision but we all have bad days - we all play badly, but today we don't think we got the rub of the green with decisions.
Nielsen, one of UEFA's top officials, received death threats after sending off Beckham but he claims Manchester United had no complaints after Wednesday's 0-0 draw.