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Mendenall's proposal, by contrast, is as follows: "I would suggest as a working hypothesis that the large number of Anatolian (Luwian and Hurrian) words and names that are spelled with a ghayn in Ugaritic, and the large percentage of Anatolians within the population of Ugarit and northern Syria in the Late Bronze Age might go far in accounting for the comparatively late introduction of this consonant into a very restricted segment of Late Bronze Age Semitic. When elements of this population migrated into the Arabian desert to found fortified cities, they carried this phoneme along with their language and other cultural traditions" (p.
Let me begin by taking up what is innovative in this monograph, viz., the new classification of Semitic languages proposed in chapter five.
A large majority of Emar's personal names are Semitic, and the chapters on Akkadian (chapter 2) and West Semitic (chapter 3) occupy the largest space.
For this reason, during the middle of the twentieth century, there was a distinct need for a new handbook of Northwest Semitic. Herbert Donner and Wolfgang Rollig's first edition (1962) of Kanaanaische und aramaische Inschriften (abbreviated KAI) was, therefore, a most welcome addition to the field of Northwest Semitic, and it rapidly became a standard reference work.
Linguists examine how different kinds of clauses combine in a number of Semitic languages, emphasizing how circumstantial clauses are coded in individual Semitic languages.
The work under review contains eighteen state-of-the-art essays by well-known specialists on various aspects of Semitic linguistics.
Citing contact linguistics today as a discrete field within linguistics, ButtsAE volume presents 20 case studies on Semitic language contact.
dissertation, deals with noun patterns in the Semitic languages, such as qatl, qitl, and qutl, etc.
From Tur Abdin to Hadramawt: Semitic Studies: Festschrift in Honour of Bo Isaksson on the Occasion of His Retirement
Thus, students can begin early on to look up words (all the m- prefixed words are under m) without having mastered all the intricacies of Semitic root and pattern morphology.
Genealogical Classification of Semitic: The Lexical Isoglosses
agg "hand" = Semitic yad), regressive assimilation, partial assimilation, dissimilation, and stress.
Proceedings of the Oslo-Austin Workshop in Semitic Linguistics
Egyptian Proper Names and Loanwords in North-West Semitic. By YOSHIYUKI MUCHIKI.
Polygenesis, Convergence and Entropy: An Alternative Model of Linguistic Evolution Applied to Semitic Linguistics.