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the social system that developed in Europe in the 8th century

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Scorza's "account of the transition from a semifeudal system of land tenure ('gamonalismo') to more 'modern' forms of imperialist and capitalist exploitation" (Larsen 137) embraces the orality of the Peruvian Central Andes and delineates its social dialects.
Far from aiming at the restoration of the old semifeudal regime in Hungary--as the Soviets and their apologists were to claim after the uprising was crushed--they did not even aim at the creation of a liberal, free-enterprise democracy.
In a society composed of men and women of different backgrounds, marriage and family tied together public and private interests and attested to individual morals: "In a semifeudal and semicolonial society, tens of thousands of people suffered as your wife did.
The need to fight obviously horrible evils--child labor, the destruction of nature in the Third World, and so on--make it difficult to appreciate that the available alternatives to the market system (such as traditional semifeudal systems in underdeveloped societies, central planning, or state management a la France) produce results that are much worse than those of the available and possible market organizations.
arguing that exposure to foreign culture has increased "personal independence-oriented, society-focused, and nationally conscious norms" which overcome the semifeudal values which may remain in former-Communist countries).