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Synonyms for fab

Synonyms for fab

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It is suitable in applications such as data acquisition cards in industrial and process control, ATE cards, current tester boards, satellite receiver cards, communications and optical networking equipment, semiconductor fab equipment and medical imaging systems.
18 micron ALTIS Semiconductor fab in Corbeil-Essonnes, France.
35 micron process semiconductor fab in Hamamatsu, Japan by February next year.
Use the included graphs or make you own analysis of the power semiconductor fab landscape; more than 350 players in power electronics are identified worldwide, with statistics, graphs and pivot tables for your custom analysis
Estimated semiconductor fab equipment capital expenditure for 2015
Semiconductor fab capacity utilization has fallen from 90% early in 2008 to 87% in the third quarter of last year.
New Tripoli, PA -- While IC demand will grow 32% in 2005 to $45 billion, internal IC production will reach only $9 billion despite ongoing massive semiconductor fab construction.
Average Selling Prices (ASPs) have firmed up and semiconductor fab capacity utilization has rebounded to well above the 64.
Because of the success of this partnership, Fab 8 is expected to be the most advanced semiconductor fab in the world, creating more than 1,600 new direct jobs and approximately 8,000 additional new indirect jobs, representing an annual payroll of over $300 million.
According to the Quarterly Spot Report on Semiconductor Fab Projects released from Strategic Marketing Associates (SMA, Santa Cruz, CA, www.
Fab-Finder provides world-wide turn-key logistic solutions, semiconductor fab planning, I.
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