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a rain forest in a tropical area

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Let us not then pursue By force impossible, by leave obtain'd Unacceptable, though in Heav'n, our state Of splendid vassalage, but rather seek Our own good from our selves, and from our own Live to our selves, though in this vast recess, Free, and to none accountable, preferring Hard liberty before the easie yoke Of servile Pomp.
It was the latter's discovery of both his selves that frightened him.
When ye can spare any leisure time from yer twa selves, meditate on that.
As the results of the current study demonstrated, a balance between negative and positive possible selve is associated with a decrease in the most detrimental self-protective strategy, self-handicapping, and with an increase in the least detrimental and indeed an effective strategy, reflectivity.
In negotiating these conflicting possible selves, Alfred spent most of his student teaching experience enacting the teacher expected of him in his placement schools rather than the teacher expected by his program.
IT IS deplorable that politicians keep on scheduling TV commercials regarding benefit fraud, when they them selves then claim innocence when they are belatedly found out to have broken the law on political donations.
My Many Selves lives up to its title in its in-depth examination of Booth's numerous personal aspects; in writing his autobiography, he sought to bring harmony to the distinctive and at times oppositional parts of his own identity, as well as resolve conflicts in his own thoughts and beliefs.
The other group received instruction using the Possible Selves program (Hock, Schumaker, & Deshler, 2003).
Last night members of Castle Morpeth Council's development services committee deferred a decision and agreed to hold a site visit to assess the situation for them selves.
A PLAY IN FOUR ACTS (plus finale) with a cast of sixteen, A Play of Selves was first staged .
In Edith and Jenny, the dancers encounter their (real) 11-year-old selves on screen in their respective film debuts.
Drag your reanimated selves over to Universal Studios Hollywood, where at 10 a.
Their bodies are the sites for the construction of new selves, where a renegotiation of agency occurs through surrender of the old self, through which these women "come to experience a sense of release and comfort that stands in sharp contrast to their earlier feelings of guilt and pain for betraying God" (18).
These various selves are present and can interact with each other and with the world in a dynamic and seamless fashion under normal circumstances.
The characters are now 10 years older, and puberty has morphed them into personae quite different from their former selves, starting with their names.