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Synonyms for Sellotape

trademark transparent or semitransparent adhesive tape (trade names Scotch tape and Sellotape) used for sealing or attaching or mending

fasten or attach with sellotape


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They were ordered to get down on their knees and put their hands out and the defendant bit off lengths of Sellotape to bind their wrists together - leaving his DNA behind.
I used 24 rolls of Sellotape for the sculpture and then another three rolls after that," says Rachel who lives in Deckham, Gateshead, and is currently doing her A levels at Gateshead College with a view to joining the foundation course next year.
And Ellen Ripley thought everyone was being a bit over the top, saying: "It's a bit of fun, nobody is stupid enough to stop themselves from breathing with Sellotape.
Husb calls me Last-Of-The-Big-Spenders; more environmentally-aware friends tut at our patchy recycling, so to be accused of stinginess or economy over Sellotape was hilarious.
Some torn notes were stuck together with sellotape.
It's the photographic image of a feather stuck down with sellotape.
So I begin the attempt by scrabbling at the sellotape till I find an end.
Safety specs Dust mask Paper Sellotape Pencil Scissors Paper & cardboard STEP 1: Tape about six pieces of paper or cardboard together and place up against the base of the toilet on all sides.
The Washington DC-based 36-year-old - whose grandad originally came from Wales - said he'd already become notorious in his home city, not least with the local authority after adding Sellotape carousel horses to the sign-posts on a busy roundabout.
The new 9855 replaces the 9850 printer and has a bumper-length 600 metre ribbon that is as simple to load as a Sellotape dispenser.
With its badges for do-gooding and stamp-collecting, and the way it called Sellotape "sticky-backed plastic", it seemed aimed purely at swots who wanted to wear shorts until they became prefects.
Q How do I get Sellotape off my painted walls without wrecking the paint?
SELLOTAPE SELFIES WHY on earth would anyone post a pic online of their head wrapped in tape?