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English comic actor (1925-1980)

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In the studio with Beverley she found Reginald Sellers, standing in a critical attitude before the easel.
Sellers has been smiting my child and cat hip and thigh.
'My dear Beverley,' said Sellers, rather stiffly, 'I am merely endeavouring to give you my idea of the picture's defects.
She knew just how incompetent Sellers was, and it irritated her beyond endurance to see Beverley's good-humoured acceptance of his patronage.
'I know, my dear fellow; I know,' said Sellers, graciously.
'Mr Sellers,' she said, smoothly, 'had to work very hard himself before he reached his present position.
'Mr Sellers drew that picture of the Waukeesy Shoe and the Restawhile Settee and the tin of sardines in the Little Gem Sardine advertisement.
'Miss Brougham,' said Sellers at last, spitting out the words, 'has confined herself to the purely commercial side of my work.
'At least, according to the late Sellers. But, I say, tell me, isn't the deceased a great artist, then?
When Sellers savaged the cat in a manner which should have brought the S.P.C.A.
She argued, indeed, very learnedly in support of his opinion; and concluded with saying, if Tom had been guilty of any fault, she must confess her own son appeared to be equally culpable; for that she could see no difference between the buyer and the seller; both of whom were alike to be driven out of the temple.
The door of the shop was the only means of entrance to the house in which Mr Verloc carried on his business of a seller of shady wares, exercised his vocation of a protector of society, and cultivated his domestic virtues.
This struck me as an evident custom, and a logical one--the seller, who receives, the money, to wet a piece of it in the establishment where the trade was consummated.
They want that dirty ice cream, that they do know for certain," she thought, looking at two boys stopping an ice cream seller, who took a barrel off his head and began wiping his perspiring face with a towel.
The physician with his theory, rather obtained from than corrected by experiments on the human constitution; the pious, self- denying, laborious, and ill-paid missionary; the half-educated, litigious, envious, and disreputable lawyer, with his counterpoise, a brother of the profession, of better origin and of better character; the shiftless, bargaining, discontented seller of his “betterments;” the plausible carpenter, and most of the others, are more familiar to all who have ever dwelt in a new country.