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English comic actor (1925-1980)

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In the studio with Beverley she found Reginald Sellers, standing in a critical attitude before the easel.
Sellers has been smiting my child and cat hip and thigh.
My dear Beverley,' said Sellers, rather stiffly, 'I am merely endeavouring to give you my idea of the picture's defects.
She knew just how incompetent Sellers was, and it irritated her beyond endurance to see Beverley's good-humoured acceptance of his patronage.
I know, my dear fellow; I know,' said Sellers, graciously.
Mr Sellers,' she said, smoothly, 'had to work very hard himself before he reached his present position.
Mr Sellers drew that picture of the Waukeesy Shoe and the Restawhile Settee and the tin of sardines in the Little Gem Sardine advertisement.
Miss Brougham,' said Sellers at last, spitting out the words, 'has confined herself to the purely commercial side of my work.
When Sellers savaged the cat in a manner which should have brought the S.
To make his position as critic still more impregnable, Sellers was now able to speak as one having authority.
He had finished the 'Child and Cat', and had taken it to Epstein together with a letter of introduction from Sellers.
Sellers being on the upgrade, a man with many pounds to his credit in the bank, had more leisure now.
Don't you consider Sellers a great artist, then, even now?
Even Sellers forgot his own triumphs long enough to allow him to offer affable congratulations.
Successful herself, she wanted all her friends to be successful; but Beverley, to her discomfort, remained a cheery failure, and worse, absolutely refused to snub Sellers.