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Synonyms for self-esteem

Synonyms for self-esteem

a sense of one's own dignity or worth

Synonyms for self-esteem

a feeling of pride in yourself


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Then #TransformTuesday highlighted beauty and selfesteem, while #WorkItWednesday showed teens how to develop their talents and ultimately build their confidence.
Positive changes to your body can lead to an increase in selfesteem and general improvement in your mood.Rod Bowles
Finally, the work of Neale and Ashton showing reduced selfesteem in remitted manic patients may be relevant to some of the king's personal, family and more important political decisions.
Youth development programmes aim to promote overall personal development, selfesteem, positive career and other aspirations, and good relationships with adults among vulnerable young people.
SelfEsteem BoatWillie started out his days on the Eugene music scene in 2005 as one of three members of the hip-hop group the AntiDope.
Multiple regression results indicate that living with foster parents who were perceived as helpful and receiving mental health services were significant for selfesteem outcomes.
Karen was always high-strung and sensitive, and when she faced this emptiness, her selfesteem plunged and she felt lost."
X's Malcolm reveres Elijah Muhammad as a father, for reasons we never quite get, except that, through the Messenger, Malcolm found a new way to reckon and pursue selfesteem. When Lee's Malcolm becomes disillusioned, it's all connected with outraged moral probity: The Messenger was a hypocrite who fathered children out of wedlock.
Corrie veteran Bev Callard turns to DIY to boost her selfesteem and fight depression.
RHIAN HAND: Yes, it would be a good incentive to get them interested at an earlier age and it may help those with low selfesteem to feel useful by being involved.
"Magic being performed within mental health and learning disability services is a new idea and shows how being able to perform simple magic tricks can work wonders for people's low selfesteem and improve their confidence, which in turn has a positive impact on their mental health."
No worries in sight of what it might do Enjoying the smell, so familiar to you Wouldn't it be nice Having two scoops today of your favourite ice-cream Without any guilt or low selfesteem Wouldn't it be nice If for just one day we could scrap all the rules And go out to play Wouldn't it be nice!
The first suggests a person needs to be some of the following: optimistic, spiritual or religious, motivated, proactive, someone who enjoys learning, flexible, adaptable, socially competent and believes in self or has selfesteem.
Katie, 17, a young leader from Edinburgh, said: "Social media can be an amazing tool for young people to make their voices heard, but as these figures show it can also take a toll on girls' selfesteem.
Liverpool Crown Court heard Quinn "sought to exercise control" and "destroy her selfesteem".