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organizing yourself (especially organizing your own labor union)

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The global agreement with CCS, a UK-based pioneer in self-organizing 5G mmWave backhaul and Gigabit access, forms the latest development in ADTRAN's Mosaic Open Network Alliance initiative.
Extending our portfolio to include MetnetCCS unique self-organizing mmWave backhaul solutionadds a crucial wireless alternative, creating a complete customer proposition for all operators eager to execute fast, seamless deployment of dense 5G networks and other Gigabit access solutions for both residential and enterprise customers.
Their topics include trans-imperial and cross-cultural networks for the slave trade 1580s-1800s, self-organized smuggling networks in Nagasaki circa 1666-1742, the pirate round: globalized sea robbery and self-organizing trans-maritime networks around 1700, in the shadow of the Companies: empires of trade in the orient and informal entrepreneurship, and trading with Asia without a colonial empire in Asia: Swedish merchant networks and chartered company trade 1760-90.
The self-organizing network (SON) has created a lot of buzz in today's complicated cellular networks.
Self-Organizing Map (SOM) is a clustering method considered as an unsupervised variation of the Artificial Neural Network (ANN).
Moreover, once installed, the systems need to be self-organizing, to smoothly integrate with the rest of the network elements, he emphasized.
One of the principles of the agile philosophy states that "the best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams" (Agile Manifesto 2001).
The aim of the Self-Organizing Feature Map algorithm is to store a large set of input vectors by finding a smaller set of weights so as to provide a good approximation to the original output space, which is the motivation for adopting Self-Organizing Feature Map for image compression.
As described below, due to its ability of recognising the samples, for identification of the vibration imbalance type the experiments with the model of self-organizing neural (SOM) network were carried out.
Self-adaptive and self-organizing systems; proceedings.
Barriers to the development of self-organizing teams.
It comes pre-configured to form what is described as a secure, robust self-organizing wireless network which customers can apply to gain experience with wireless without committing their infrastructure.
This represents the synergy of electrospinning, the use of self-organizing molecules, and fundamental research to understand the behavior of such molecules," says Long.
Content covers systems and their design, cooperative behavior, marine dynamics, sensors and senses, biomechanics, self-assembly and self-healing, and self-organizing biological systems.
He has access to a unique network as a member of the Company of Friends, Fast Company magazine's on line network and offline community of self-organizing groups of business executives.
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