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organizing yourself (especially organizing your own labor union)

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Recent analysis from Frost & Sullivan,Analysis of the Global Self-Organizing Network (SON) Testing and Monitoring Equipment Market (https://www.
Self-Organizing Map (SOM) is a clustering method considered as an unsupervised variation of the Artificial Neural Network (ANN).
Moreover, once installed, the systems need to be self-organizing, to smoothly integrate with the rest of the network elements, he emphasized.
One of the principles of the agile philosophy states that "the best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams" (Agile Manifesto 2001).
The aim of the Self-Organizing Feature Map algorithm is to store a large set of input vectors by finding a smaller set of weights so as to provide a good approximation to the original output space, which is the motivation for adopting Self-Organizing Feature Map for image compression.
International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems (2d: 2008: Venice, Italy) Ed.
Key words: Self-organizing neural network, Travelling salesman problem, Optimization, Tool motion
He has access to a unique network as a member of the Company of Friends, Fast Company magazine's on line network and offline community of self-organizing groups of business executives.
Zero nature, on one level, simply is dead, but self-organizing, matter.
No pre-set structural framework should be forced upon the team as self-organizing system must be developed.
The technologies demonstrated included access to building information database and dynamic building status from sensors, sensor-driven fire model using the NIST Virtual Cybernetic Building Testbed simulator, standardization of communications interface for sensors, biometrics for identification and authentication, dynamic self-organizing wireless networks for voice and data, voice over Internet, and emergency personnel localization and tracking.
Pioneered decades ago by scientists John Walker and Rudy Rucker, among others, CA operate under a set of simple rules that result in a graphic output strikingly similar to self-organizing systems in nature--think crystalline structures, like salt.
Through concerted political activity, tenants both made gains and pushed landlords into their own self-organizing.
After considering Gregersen's view of God as continually creating through self-organizing processes, and Polkinghorne's attempt to imagine God acting in chaos by extrapolating chaos theory to the limit of zero energy input, Barbour speaks approvingly of the kenotic theology of Murphy and Ellis and its critique of the monarchical model of God.
Maybe he should pick up a copy of The Self-Organizing Economy, adapted from a set of lectures given by Paul Krugman.
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