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organizing yourself (especially organizing your own labor union)

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Such self-organized systems, called "Benard Cells," are examples of how nature creates structures using Darwin's and Boltzmann's ideas.
But once human survival depended on self-organized systems, societies were solving problems individuals could not solve for themselves.
Thus, what each member of a self-organized system is depends on what all the others are doing.
Self-organized systems can be remarkably inefficient; those emulating such systems may need to turn to central controllers to improve performance.
Seeley (this volume) suggests that particular circumstances favor the self-organized system.
Biological self-organized systems should be interesting to those who study self-organization because the inheritance that is intrinsic to biological systems gives them a level of complexity that is unique.
When we observe self-organized systems, we are under no compulsion to assume that the pattern represents an adaptation.
My views derive partly from what I have learned through studying one of nature's most accessible self-organized systems, the honeybee colony, and partly from what I have learned through reading various works in the fields of biology, economics, and engineering.
Therefore, it is not surprising that social inse cts with large colonies provide us with striking examples of self-organized systems.
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