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manual stimulation of your own genital organ for sexual pleasure

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But it didn't make me feel better - it was just a form of self abuse.
I had made the connection between shame and self abuse.
However, we now appear to have a new category of persons who have incapacitated themselves via self abuse of alcohol, drugs, or both.
Though a plastic surgeon is on hand to undo the worst ravages of time and self abuse, Nicky does advocate that her prematurely-aged clients should do what they can to help themselves.
For advice on personal fiddling he'll need to look no further than his jungle prat pal Jason - a highly-experienced expert in the field of self abuse.
In his home medical guide George Beard devoted considerable space to modern nervous disease, including neurasthenia (almost his own invention), seminal emissions and self abuse, and in this context focused on the foreskin.
This could well be seen as an epitome of the contrast between the public and the private Peter Self, as described in the memories of one of his sons, Jonathan Self, in his book Self Abuse (John Murray, 2001).
But the damage wreaked by the years of self abuse are not as easily swayed in the African-American and Hispanic communities.