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a wave on the surface of a lake or landlocked bay

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The wave, technically known as a seiche, hit the town's beach at about 8:10 a.
Oscillations with similar periods were also present in temperature and wind observations at RIM and NEAR, which could be connected to the seiches inside the crater.
While the drama at Ottawa Beach was unfolding, the seiche had already taken the lives of three others a little farther north.
1993: Pressure-forced seiches of large amplitude in inlets of the Balearic Islands.
Standing waves in the Gulf of Finland and their relationship to the basin-wide Baltic seiches.
Il est rare qu'on signale des tsunamis et des seiches sur des lacs dus a des tremblements de terre au Nouveau-Brunswick.
Among specific topics are wavemaker theories, generating and predicting seiches in Rotterdam Harbor basins, geotextile sand containers for shore protection, beach nourishment, major implications of sea level rise for coastal engineering and management, and the laboratory simulation of waves.
Ambacht aux Pays-Bas, un producteur et distributeur diversifie de produits de la mer surgeles allant de crevettes, crabes et seiches sauvages d'Afrique de l'Ouest a des filets de cabillaud et des crevettes d'elevage.
Los vientos generan remotinos y seiches, los cuales juegan un papel muy importante en el transporte y mezcla; los remolinos transportan nutrientes y sedimentos principalmente en la direccion horizontal, y los seiches pueden contribuir a la mezcla vertical.
5 or so, and lasting three minutes or more, the "Big One" will cause severe ground shaking, landslides, soil liquefaction, ocean tsunamis and seiches (waves) in reservoirs.
Such movements develop as standing waves, where water oscillates such as in seiches (McLellan, 1965; Wilson, 1966; Neumann and Pierson, 1966; Korgen, 1995).
However, sloshing waves called seiches can arise within the harbor and cause water levels to vary as much as 1.
Local anglers fish the seiches by casting perpendicular to the bank and the east-or west-moving current.