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United States sculptor (born in 1924)


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Similarly, Segal lambastes Trudeau because he ignored Quebec's objection to his Charter with the result that Quebec has never signed on to the new Constitution.
Against this textured historical and linguistic backdrop, Segal investigates the link between the creation of a new national language and its literature -- specifically, between Ben-Yehuda's Hebrew and contemporaneous poets.
Shedding light on her mischief, niece and actress Salima Raza revealed that when Segal was undergoing treatment for foot cancer treatment in her ' 80s she told the doctor that she was scared.
Segal earned a master's and PhD and left Harvard as class poet and Latin salutary orator, a double honour previously only achieved by a certain TS Eliot.
The film, with the tagline "Love means never having to say you're sorry", was nominated for seven Oscars - including one for Segal for writing the screenplay - and won the best original score.
Segal is a senior research scholar at the University of Maryland's Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy.
In the summer of 2008, Segal was the only Canadian invited to participate in the inaugural Salzburg Young Artists Project, headed by Barbara Bonney and Michael Schade.
More's Utopia was inspired in part by recent discoveries in the New World, and this is where Segal locates his discussions next.
Turf has spent the majority of her career partnering with Segal in the leadership and strategic direction of the company.
In 1994, Segal began living with Cynthia Lynch, first in the Bahamas and then in Canada.
When prominent Philadelphia attorney Jerry Segal became quadriplegic after a surgical accident in California, he went to the Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, where he made two vows.
Jerome Segal, who is on the faculty of the School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland, has written a provocative "reading" of the Bible.
Segal, one of the twentieth century's truly great scholars of Greek (and Latin) literature, who died in 2001.
More unexpected were the recent demotions of MP John Cummins and Senator Hugh Segal. The longtime Tories were forced out of their positions as member of the House fisheries and oceans committee and chairman of the Senate foreign affairs committee, respectively.
Last August, Los Angeles Times dance critic Lewis Segal published a diatribe titled "Five Things I Hate About Ballet." Although his approach was somewhat clumsy--like the guy at a family reunion who drinks too much and blurts out why he hates his relatives--he brought up a number of debatable issues that prompted a response from John Rockwell in The New York Times and ignited an international firestorm among ballet bloggers.