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a light puckered fabric (usually striped)

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There was an annoying red-faced American in a seersucker suit arguing that equality in the workplace was all that women really want.
Dolly, just out of Wellesley in the late '60s, goes up to a summer music colony and meets Alfred - a "gangly redhead in a not very clean seersucker suit, who laughed much too loud while telling dirty jokes," who makes fun of her for being a prig, admits he's a "groupie of the avant-garde," and wears crocodile shoes.
Right out front was a short man of 75, dressed in a seersucker suit and straw hat.
Silk seersucker suit, BRIONI OPPOSITE: Royal Oak Leo Messi limited-edition self-winding chronograph with steel case, tantalum bezel, brushed anthracite dial, and anthracite strap, AUDEMARS PIGUET.
Clark came back out of his bedroom wearing a seersucker suit and carrying a large leather duffel bag, grinning.
This summer Ralph Lauren brought back Hawaiian shirts teamed with loud plaid golf shorts to be worn with midcalf-length socks and sandals and those tacky little webbed belts, while Tommy Hilfiger resurrected the blue-and-white pinstripe seersucker suit (but this time you camp it up with white patent loafers sans socks and a lime green T).
Twenty years ago I might have gone to the trouble of making the counterarguments, appealing to the laws of probability or the lessons of history, but in the faces of my informants (among them a straw-hatted man in a seersucker suit, two women in flowered dresses, a scholar possessed of a degree from Harvard) I could read the signs of settled belief, and I knew that I might as well argue with an elm tree, or with Gingrich's conviction that before 1965 America was a postcard engraved by Currier and Ives, that not until the late twentieth century did it occur to the nations of the earth to engage in "serious and intense economic competition.
Just about anyone could save up and buy a seersucker suit from Brooks Brothers, if only once a year.
He's the Assistant of The Hill newspaper and he has an assuring presence with his soft voice and the seersucker suits.
They wore pistachio green and white seersucker suits and carried a chalkboard, handmade by the groom that bore the message "Here Comes Boo.
No warmth, no cheer, no baseball, no beer, no birds, no bees, no leaves on the trees, no shade, no shine, no clothes on the line, no flowers, no fruits, no seersucker suits, no sun, no fun, no more outdoor pursuits, no picnics, no swims, no fishing, just gyms.