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Synonyms for seer

Synonyms for seer

someone who sees something occur

a person who foretells future events by or as if by supernatural means

Synonyms for seer

an observer who perceives visually

an authoritative person who divines the future

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Following her historical exploration, Seers produced several nautical-inspired installations for her London-based gallery.
Incorporating film, photography, sculpture and writing, Seers likes to use complex yet seamless interweaving of historical research, autobiography and storytelling in her projects in an exploration of what creates our perception of truth.
Seers said more focus on the younger lot might improve the standard of Indian cycling.
While talking to mediapersons, Avimukteshwaranand said that the incident has exposed the double standards of the authorities, as they threatened the holy seers.
The controversy of seers at the Mela has left a bad taste among thousands of ascetics who have gathered in Allahabad for the holy fair.
Past, present, and future fold into a complicated web, avoiding what Seers calls the "tyranny of linear time" and piecing together another form of narrative that spirals back, time and again, to that single black-and-white photo of her great-great-uncle.
Single package systems with a minimum SEER of 14, as well as split systems with SEER of 14.
Mr and Mrs Seers, who have three other children, said: "As a family Katelyn's loss has put a massive hole in our lives as she was a fun-loving little girl who made us smile when we were down.
An argument about human agency and fatalism posits one role of the seer as avoiding fate (moira); this probably will not convince scholars who read the will of the Greek gods as predetermined and immutable (78-91).
After the attack, Seers carried blood-covered Kairon to neighbour Joyce Powell's home and said: "I've killed the f***ing bitch.
During the summer of 1931, Basque seers had explicit visions of the Virgin Mary at Ezkioga in northern Spain.
A small circle of people around the seer winds up being committed to, preserving, and broadcasting her apparitions.
Operating at reduced capacity reduces the heat rejection load on the condenser, lowering the condensing temperature and raising the EER of the compressor, a major factor in the increased SEER of variable capacity systems.
In the entire country, Hindu community has been severely attacked, even seers from the community are being targeted.
To assess HRQOL for cancer patients, NCI and CMS have collaborated to link the MHOS with cancer registry data from the SEER program of population-based registries (Espey et al.