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Seeland, Are urban green spaces optimally distributed to act as places for social integration?
The text, headed 'On Hven between Seeland and Schonen' in the Stockholm manuscript, is, in fact, not a chronicle at all but part of the rich German-Scandinavian legacy of Nibelungen material.
Last weekend Thomas and Sally were back in the area, this time with Seeland, taking part in the Whit Friday celebrations, first in the Processions of Witness, then the traditional evening march contests followed by a concert in Uppermill on the Saturday evening.
He told us to actively go and seek ways for modeling and simulation to supplant or add to the old way of doing things," said Eric Seeland, a senior civilian on the Navy staff.
And, in the wake of those lawsuits, we expanded our own self-run record label, Seeland Records, to help out other artists who also "infringe" in order to collage, most notably in the compilation Deconstructing Beck, and in our re-release of John Oswald's historic Plunderphonics project, both of which, unlike most of our own work, are constructed entirely by cutting up and transforming other people's music.
Expert Olaf Seeland has concluded that `Riding Hood' is a Europeanization, and probably the color `red' is a typical case of Eurocentric imperialism" (27).
Most industrial ecologists believe that Kalundborg, a small city on the island of Seeland, seventy-five miles west of Copenhagen, is the first recycling network in history (Garner and Keoleian 1995; Gertler 1995; Lowe, Moran, and Holmes 1996; Schwarz and Steininger 1997).
In the third part, their daughter Gudrun is engaged to Herwig of Seeland, but is abducted by Hartmut of Normandy.
The new double-deck vehicles, which Porterbrook will lease to the Danish State Railways (DSB), will primarily run between Copenhagen and Lolland-Falster, as well as between Copenhagen and the southern part of Seeland.
Picking wild berries and mushrooms is one of the oldest forest customs and has maintained its popularity in many European countries, as shown by the recent study by Seeland and Staniszewski (2007).
This prayer was taught to me by the late Albert Seeland, manager of Tempura Misono in the old Hyatt Hotel.
Also in the band are Richard March from Pop Will Eat Itself and Bentley Rhythm Ace, Tim Felton from Seeland and Broadcast, Keith York from Broadcast, Andy Pell from Brazziliant, Dave Roberton from WS ild Clover, Maggie Smyth from El Cage and Hollywood Beyond, and Owen Comaskey from The Nervous Kind.
Seeland 2002 A close-to-nature forest economy adapted to a wider world: a case study of local forest management strategies in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.
The last to play was Seeland, from Switzerland, and they played at about 12.
Arthur David Seeland, Bishop of the Diocese of the Pacific and Southwest for the Anglican Catholic Church, will lead a Pentecost service with Rasch on Sunday.