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Synonyms for seeker

a person who applies for or seeks something, such as a job or position

Synonyms for seeker

someone making a search or inquiry

a missile equipped with a device that is attracted toward some kind of emission (heat or light or sound or radio waves)

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IR missile seekers have gone through a significant evolution in the past 30 years of development.
Other towns and cities may have had more asylum seekers, but not as a proportion of their population.
He is calling for wealthier areas other parts of the county to take part to help spread asylum seekers evenly.
The figures, released by the Home Office, show that at the end of 2015 there was a total of 2,856 supported asylum seekers in Wales: 1,450 in Cardiff, 843 in Swansea, 464 in Newport and 90 in Wrexham.
The Seeker Aircraft is a one-of-a-kind, purpose-built light observation aircraft specifically designed and developed for aerial surveillance missions.
They are then taken to Liverpool, which is just one of the cities where the Home Office provides accommodation for asylum seekers.
Asylum seekers claim Australian authorities "destroyed" the existing medication they had when they were sent to detention centres.
The main highlight of the fairs will include giving dedicated and talented job seekers the opportunity to meet with employers nationally in over 90 cities and over 120 Job Fairs.
My son and his pals are in fourth year at this school and know most asylum seekers and get on well with them.
So how do job seekers find open positions and eventually get hired?
Almost 900 failed asylum seekers have been removed from the region since March last year ( with just 3,045 asylum seekers now living in council accommodation in the North-East.
NEW asylum seekers are being electronically tagged to stop them vanishing if their applications to stay in Britain fail.
In the first half of 2005, New York City real estate brokerage firm Nest Seekers International announced closing $450 Million in real estate transactions.
Some asylum seekers fled countries known for corruption, brutality and the violation of human rights.
But his case also symbolized the drive by the government to reduce the ability of asylum seekers to gain legal status.