Sedum acre

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mossy European creeping sedum with yellow flowers


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Control Roof-North Roof-South Centaurea maculosa (CM) 1 0 0 Moss CM) 178 4 5 Sedum acre (SA) 0 277 0 Sedum album (SAL) 362 136 321 Sedum reflexum (SR) 1 4 0 Sedum sexangulare (SS) 221 596 84 Sedum spurium 'Coccineum' (SSC) 13 31 0 Note: One or more species of plant may be recorded at a single point within a sampling frame.
Sedum acre (SA) appears to be a good companion species for S.
The north face of the barn was predominated by Sedum sexangulare, followed by Sedum acre, and Sedum album.
Examples include juniper (juniperus communis repanda), broom (genista lydia), honeysuckle (lonicera pileata, toxic), alyssum (alyssum saxatile), stonecrop (sedum acre, toxic) and throatwort (uvularia grandifora).
SEDUM acre (the yellow stonecrop) is a really easy ground cover plant.