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rock formed from consolidated clay sediments

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Thus, these sedimentary rocks must have existed in pre-Flood times.
We observe high residual gravity anomalies and, which are elliptical in shape with W-E trend, it are due to faulted blocks between these wells in the sedimentary rocks.
Au in iron formation, Au-Cu-Zn volcanic-hosted massive sulfides, Ni-Cu-PGE in ultramafic rocks, U in veins and sedimentary rocks, etc.
To the uninitiated, it is hard to imagine that flood geologists regard the Grand Canyon, with its thousands of feet of layers of sedimentary rock deposited over the eons, as a suitable icon.
The second zone, known as the California Zone, which is located 900 feet south of the Realito Zone contains low temperature epithermal gold mineralization hosted in sedimentary rocks which has been traced over a distance of 1,500 feet and is open to both the east and the west.
Now, Gerry Middleton has edited a new encyclopedia devoted to sediments and sedimentary rocks, a Herculean volume that runs to 821 pages of main text (including index), divided among more than 250 subject entries.
10) you learned that it's challenging to scale cliffs made of sedimentary rocks because the rocks tend to crumble.
By examining sedimentary rocks within the fold, Sieh and Caltech graduate student Michael Oskin found that the fold - and the neighborhoods built on it - are rising about an inch every 25 years, while the fold contracts about a half-millimeter each year.
The sedimentary rocks have been metamorphosed to biotite hornfels around the contact of the intrusive.
Based on the abundance of heated sedimentary rocks that would have released carbon dioxide, Ganino and Arndt estimate that between 61,600 and 145,600 gigatonnes of CO2 were released.
After all, it is only sedimentary rocks that continuously encrypt in their records (notwithstanding that individual pages of the chronicle may be scattered over the different continents or even lost) the nature and architecture of the contemporaneous lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere, that along with tectonic and magmatic events, control ore-forming processes.
Rover images taken at a distance suggest that Endurance may also contain sedimentary rocks.
The basin is filled with sedimentary rocks that are faulted and folded.
How they form: When sedimentary rocks form, heat and pressure force gases and liquids out of a decaying organism.
A 60 meter thick pyritic unit hosted by grey sedimentary rocks over-laying by felsic volcanics was recently discovered on the Shaylee property and the company is now waiting for the return of assay results from the lab.