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a town in east central Missouri

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Rebar for the Kansas City, upper Midwest and Great Plains markets currently travels long distances, he notes, giving the Sedalia operation a logistical edge coupled with the availability of raw material from Nucor's nearby scrap steel business, David J.
Hoping to gain some measure of financial remuneration for his slaves as their chattel property value plummeted in war-torn Missouri, Walker boarded the train near Sedalia with plans to sell them in Louisville, Kentucky.
Recycler Lyne Plastics LLC soon will be opening a 50,000-square-foot facility in Sedalia, Mo.
Only one, the Sedalia Democrat, had any immediate major changes in personnel, changing publishers.
What a life insurance agent can accomplish with an extra measure of effort is pretty conclusively shown by the record hung up by Guy Peabody, the Royal Union Life agent at Sedalia, Missouri.
Earlier in the day, 25 people suffered minor injuries when a tornado damaged several homes and businesses in the central Missouri city of Sedalia.
Dowdy's fourth-graders were all part of Sedalia Elementary School's coveted "environment team," which requires members to submit a 3 1/2-page application.
He is based in Geospatial's new Sedalia, CO, office.
A conference was held during September 2008 in Sedalia, Colorado, to allow researchers from various biomedical disciplines to share their specialized knowledge about receptors, channels, and transporters that have been identified as key players in the physiology and pathophysiology of pulmonary circulation.
and Tommy Belsha of Sedalia; three sisters, Desi Dowdy and Sue Embree, both of Sedalia, and Linda Fisher of Harrisonville, Mo.
The site would be on the same land as an existing landfill for construction materials that has been operational in the Sedalia area since 2006.
A prominent topic of discussion at Sedalia concerned the institutional status of intercollegiate debate programs.
The company also held a successful open season for the expansion of firm transportation service along its Sedalia Line (Line Segment 235) in western Missouri.
Mayor Benjamin Solomon of El Centro, has said of Sedalia Sanders, "As mayor of El Centro, I have observed Sedalia's leadership style; she is a committed and dedicated worker for our city, the region, the state and NLC.
His 1917 Allwork Model 14-28 was the first of its kind to be shipped to Colorado, where it was delivered to Lambert's ranch north of Sedalia.