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Synonyms for sector

Synonyms for sector

a plane figure bounded by two radii and the included arc of a circle

a social group that forms part of the society or the economy

a particular aspect of life or activity


the minimum track length that can be assigned to store information

measuring instrument consisting of two graduated arms hinged at one end

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Accordingly, Department of Commerce, with wide stakeholder consultation coordinated the preparation of draft initial sectoral reform plans for several services sectors and, subsequently the action plan.
The participants of the Sectoral Committee proposed training graduates on the mechanisms of dealing with the various devices and equipment in this sector, as the study focuses on the theoretical aspect without going into the practical aspect which is important in the practice of work and its know-how.
In fact, he added, there is no limit on the nominees of the sectoral party, unlike the current system, in which a party-list group can win only three seats in the House of Representatives.
Based on the evaluation received, the sectoral groups have prepared their reports on the basis of which, the Law Committee has finalized Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on eight sectors; these FAQs have been released in public domain.
We use data from the Groningen Growth and Development Centre Data (GGDC) on sectoral value-added and employment (4) for the period 1960-2010.
This book examines the role of public skills policy from the perspective of the sectoral approach to skills development versus the traditional wide range of economic and social issues.
The Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Ibrahim Saif, briefed the meeting about the sectoral sub-committees' working methodology and the execution priorities.
Title: WP/2013/066 Impact of sectoral allocation of foreign aid on gender equity and human development
The 2005 directive aims to simplify the recognition of 800 regulated professions in Europe and to set rules for the automatic recognition of seven sectoral professions defined in the EU (doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, veterinarians and architects).
To review the foreign direct investment (FDI) sectoral caps, the government has already set up a committee which held its first meeting earlier this month and is likely to meet again soon.
The relationship will deliver an in-depth research project looking at the concerns and challenges faced by the business community in Wales and how they fit with the Welsh Government's sectoral approach to economic development.
Muscat: Oman's Manpower Minister on Saturday endorsed a revamp of the high-powered sectoral committees tasked with overseeing and implementing Omanisation strategies in their respective sectors.
This showed no filling of the right posterior sectoral ducts but normal opacification of the other ducts (Figs 3a and b).
Summary: The International Monetary Fund expects Egypt's economy to become one of the world's promising economies within five years if it overcomes the political turmoil and sectoral protests, Egyptian Minister of Finance Samir Radwan told the forum in Cairo on Thursday.
To the extent that sources of fluctuations include sectoral shocks, another key consideration then is the manner in which sectoral shocks potentially become amplified and propagate throughout the economy for a given degree of disaggregation.