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Few true cutaneous glands are found in birds, principally the uropygial gland, glands around the vent, and secretory glands of the external auditory meatus.
The Laboratory for Organ Regeneration of the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology (CDB) has demonstrated that the regeneration of many organs, including teeth, hair follicles and secretory glands, is functionally possible.
As such, one should employ a low threshold for recommending reexcision on a core biopsy containing benign-appearing secretory glands.
com SJOGREN'S SYNDROME FACTS | It is an autoimmune disorder | The condition means the body's immune system attacks saliva and tear glands, along with other secretory glands in the body | There is no cure for the illness, however treatments can be used to help ease symptoms | More women than men are affected and the condition is usually diagnosed in people aged 40 to 60 years old.
Present in the staminate flowers on the abaxial 'or' adaxial side of the stamens is a group of small secretory glands (see Figures 2G, 3A).
Consider for a moment the anatomy of what is involved; the meibomian glands function as secretory glands and are effectively modified sweat glands with approximately 25 in the lower lid and 30 in the upper lid.
Although the terpenes are volatile, some remain in the secretory glands unless they are crashed.
Blockade of the CysLTl receptor prevents leukotriene stimulation of the receptor on target cells such as airway smooth muscle and secretory glands.
The researchers, however, added that several problems must be solved before the use of bio-engineered secretory glands becomes feasible, pointing to the need to set up a bank of suitable stem cells.
First, the volumetric expansion of the clitellum leads to a linear increase in epidermal surface area, thus providing additional physical space for cocoon secretory glands.
Among gastropods, limpet, Acmaea tessulata had six types of secretory glands in the foot.