Secretary of the Treasury

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the person who holds the secretaryship of the Treasury Department

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the position of the head of the Treasury Department

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Sultan bin Mohammed Al Nu'mani, Minister of the Royal Office received in his office yesterday Sigal Mandelker, US Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence and her accompanying delegation, within the framework of the bilateral relation between the Sultanate and the US.
[USA], Dec 23 ( ANI ): US President Donald Trump told Steven Mnuchin, the Secretary of the Treasury, that he "never suggested firing Chairman Jay Powell" over the "absolute terrible" increasing of interest rates by the Federal Reserve.
Secretary of the Treasury, Jhinaoui underlined that the two parties spoke of a technical co-operation between the Tunisian Ministry of Finance and the U.S.
Recommendation: The Secretary of the Treasury should direct the Fiscal Assistant Secretary to enhance the SOP entitled "Statement of Social Insurance, Social Insurance Note, and Required Supplementary Information" to include procedures for assuring the accuracy of staff's work related to preparing the social insurance information for the CFS.
Jenner has served as acting assistant secretary for tax policy from February through December 2004 and had been nominated by President Bush to be assistant secretary of the Treasury before joining the ACLI in May 2005.
George Washington's Secretary of the Treasury and West Indian immigrant Alexander Hamilton came to personify the unease felt by Americans about the relations between the slave colonies of the West Indies and the supposedly free and democratic states of the independent mainland, a state of mind that Goudie terms the "creole complex".
Branch put his proposal in the form of an official memo to the secretary of the Treasury, and he did it so skillfully, that quite a few people thought it was a genuine government document.
In the case, there was no consideration by the Secretary of the Treasury about whether Sec.
Tax Executives Institute has endorsed the nomination of Eric Solomon to serve as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Tax Policy.
Second, a seven-person committee of private sector financial and economic experts will work with the Secretary of the Treasury and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve to submit to Congress a report every six months that will determine which countries, if any, have a "'fundamentally misaligned" currency; will identify the macroeconomic and other causes of the "fundamental misalignment" (including monetary and financial conditions, capital controls, levels of investment, trade restrictions, and export dependence for growth); and will propose remedies that the offending country or countries need to take to remove these causes.
Hamilton's early vocational training was in bookkeeping--he would exercise skills learned there throughout his life, even in the office of Secretary of the Treasury for the United States of America.
Martin McTague, chairman of the NEBF, said: "The NEBF was established so that the business community could voice its concerns and question decision makers on the issues that affect their businesses, this lunch is another great opportunity to do exactly that with the Chief Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Boateng."
New additions include Postmaster General (1410300897), Secretary Of The Treasury (1567112838), FBI Director (1410300900), National Security Adviser (156711962X), Secretary Of Labor (156-7119611) and Secretary Of Commerce (1410300919): each provides an in-depth examination of a high-profile job often in the news.
67 Wall St., one of downtown's oldest buildings, served as headquarters the law office of Alexander Hamilton, the nation's first Secretary of the Treasury.
(Y) any business or agency which engages in any activity which the Secretary of the Treasury determines, by regulation, to be an activity which is similar to, related to, or a substitute for any activity in which any business described in this paragraph is authorized to engage.
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