Secretary of the Interior

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Synonyms for Secretary of the Interior

the position of the head of the Department of the Interior

the person who holds the secretaryship of the Interior Department

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Recommendation: To increase Interior's assurance that it is accurately measuring oil and gas produced on federal lands and waters, and to improve the consistency and efficiency of Interior's oil and gas measurement regulations and policies, the Secretary of the Interior should empower a centralized panel consisting of staff with measurement expertise from BLM and OEMM to provide departmentwide guidance on measurement technologies not addressed in current regulations and approve variances for measurement technologies in instances when such technologies are not addressed in current regulations or departmentwide guidance.
Or to a cartoon in the New York Daily News that showed Gale Norton, Bush's nominee to be secretary of the interior, declaring, "Leave no child alive.
One day last month, Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton left her post in Washington long enough to go to Boston with "Faith Czar" James Towey to announce the grant with great fanfare.
While the media has portrayed EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman as Bush's token environmentalist, Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton has been his real point-woman in promoting "common-sense solutions to environmental policy"--the Republican rhetoric that functions as a pretext for pillage.
Robinson West is a Former Assistant Secretary of the Interior, and currently Chairman of the Petroleum Finance Co.
Do you agree with Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton that states have to stand up against the federal government's gaining too much power?
Specifically, the Enzi Amendment prohibits the Secretary of the Interior from approving any tribal-state compact that had not first been approved by the State in accordance with State law.
In 1975, the Secretary of the Interior issued a regulation stating that the act also outlaws habitat destruction.
Madigan went ahead and signed the agreement, as did outbound Secretary of the Interior Manuel Lujan.
WASHINGTON -- Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar yesterday announced that David Hayes, a senior fellow at World Wildlife Fund (WWF), is being nominated for Deputy Secretary of the Interior, a post Hayes held during the Clinton Administration under then-Interior Secretary and current WWF Chairman Bruce Babbitt.
Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke today applauded the Senates confirmation of Interior Department veteran Douglas William Domenech as Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Areas.
According to reports, former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is a top contender for secretary of the interior.
Georgi Kostov, outgoing director of the Burgas police directorate, has been appointed Deputy Chief Secretary of the Interior Ministry.
Gregorio Honasan, a member of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), said he hoped President Aquino would appoint a "nonpartisan" secretary of the interior and local government in view of next year's midterm elections.
Recommendation: To improve the Minerals Management Service's oversight of the RIK gas program and help ensure that the nation receives its fair share of RIK gas, the Secretary of the Interior should direct the Minerals Management Service to complete establishing polices and procedures to ensure outstanding imbalances are valued appropriately and that the correct amount of interest is charged.
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