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head of a former executive department

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Even after his nemesis, Secretary of War William Belknap, resigned from office over charges of corruption, it took repeated pleas from his brother, other generals, and Belknap's successor to get Sherman to return to the capital.
Finally, the authorization required the Secretary of War to halt construction of the ships if the Barbary States agreed to cease capturing American vessels.
However, Scott was able to persuade the Secretary of War and Present Lincoln to keep Regular officers, enlisted forces, and military units intact.
Morrison also details the corruption of the Buchanan administration, some of which was traced to the ineptitude of Secretary of War John Floyd.
Paul's Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia, were interrupted when the church sextant handed him a letter from his secretary of war warning that Union forces would soon take the Confederate capital.
A graduate of West Point, combat veteran and war hero (from his role as a regimental officer in the Mexican War), Davis was also a long-serving US senator from Mississippi, who had chaired the Committee on Military Affairs and held the post of Secretary of War during the Pierce Administration.
This careful, attentive, broad reading traces how Roosevelt maneuvered himself into a dominant position: supplanting Churchill as early as the pre-Pearl Harbor Placentia Bay summit of 1941, committing to a "Germany first" war aim, supporting Lieutenant Colonel James "Jimmy" Doolittle's April 1942 Tokyo Raid (which his secretary of war had opposed), and even overruling his secretary of war and joint chiefs of staff to set a 1942 goal for landing in Axis-held North Africa.
But Hurley also served in our Army as Secretary of War under President Herbert Hoover and served as U.
Secretary of War under president William Howard Taft (19091913) was born in Columbus.
Secretary of War Henry Stimson that the British government 'concurred in the use of the T.
Both men were cabinet officers in Woodrow Wilson's administration, with McAdoo serving as treasury secretary when the income tax was passed, and Baker served as secretary of war, supervising the buildup of the U.
In May 1945, the secretary of war initially established the Advisory Board on Clemency.
Secretary of War to save wounded horses on European battle-fields.
Benjamin, the Confederate Attorney General, Secretary of War, and Secretary of State who was termed "the hated Jew" by his "countrymen" for his insistence that they be taxed to pay for the war effort, makes an interesting cameo.
Secretary of War to the peace treaty talks that ended the war in the Pacific.
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