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a tooth having two cusps or points


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It is important to point out that in most cases at the left side, the emergence of MC in the mental foramen was located between the first molar and second premolar.
014-in nickel--titanium wire, an open coil spring was placed between the lower right first molar and first premolar, alignment and space opening for the tilted lower right second premolar were performed at the same time (Figure 3a).
Ideally the canine/first premolar and the first premolar/second premolar contacts and the second premolar /first molar contacts are open.
Eruption speed and rate of angulation change of a cyst-associated mandibular second premolar after marsupialization of a dentigerous cyst.
Uprighting of molar using NiTi springs, derived from the setups, with customized resin bases were successfully treated using mini-implants between first and second premolars for indirect anchorage.
The dorsal nasal turbinate has a sinus at the level of caudal face of second premolar tooth (Fig.
In the present study, the location of MF was found mostly below the apex of second premolar in 74.
Resin composite was added to the buccal surface of maxillary left second premolar to harmonize tooth contours.
Premolar Projection (#2 receptor Horizontally placed) Demonstrate no less than the distal third of the canine; the entire first premolar, second premolar and first molar; and the mesial portion of the second molar.
Its stalk was attached at the right palatal arch at the line between second premolar teeth, beautifully seen after excision (Figure 2).
Multiple problems found in the Maxilla including: poorly designed PFM bridge replacing 4 teeth, long central incisors with multiple composite restorations, fractured maxillary right lateral incisor, missing maxillary right second premolar and carious teeth.
Bilateral fusion of mandibular second premolar andsupernumerarytooth: A rare case report.
The maxillary second premolar, showing the greatest difference, was 0.