quadratic equation

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an equation in which the highest power of an unknown quantity is a square


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The overall correlation between the two data sets was graphically evident, and was confirmed by the numerical correlation between the two data sets, calculated by using JMP, and fitting the data points with a straight line in red, and a second degree polynomial in green (figure 9b); the goodness of fit, expressed by the RSquare parameters listed in the table in figure 9b, was 0.
9, with 1 and 0 indicating perfect and no correlation, respectively) mathematical correlation between the indentation and durometer measurements was calculated using a linear and second degree polynomial.
667 Observations (or sum weights) 6 Figure 7b--data fitting of test results plotted in figure 7a--top: straight line and second degree polynomial best fit for the test results bottom: degree of fitting for line (upper data) and polynomial (lower data) expressed by RSquare and RSquare Adjusted Summary of fit RSquare 0.
shows the specific forces for two different depths of cut obtained as continuous functions of the cutting speed by means of a second degree polynomial.