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the child of your aunt or uncle

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Mum-of-two Sally Murphy, 38, Sir Paul's second cousin, who is married to Kevin, also 38, said: ``We found out in February that we were invited to Paul's wedding and have had to keep the whole thing secret ever since.
Tanahashi told police she delivered the money to her second cousin Yuhachi Tanahashi, 65, who later gave it to 51-year-old Masanobu Tabuchi.
So far Mr Johnson has located eight second cousins descended from the same great-grandparents in the Midleton area of Cork and in Waterford.
Robbins and her husband, Dennis of Sutton; two second cousins, Hannah and Dennis, who called her aunt Rita.
MY second cousins used to walk four to five miles to school and had a hill just shy of a mountain to cross to get there.
Over the next 40 years, the drug companies have been developing sisters, cousins and second cousins, such as Halcyon,'' Silverman says.
It is the second row involving Macca's Irish second cousins within a year.
PHOTO Second cousins Mary Alice Orcutt Henderson, right, and Nancy Hilton hug at the Orcutt family reunion at the ranch in West Hills.
THE Readers' Editor has never understood the difference between second cousins and first cousins once removed.
My second cousins did tickle torture, and I do remember laughing, even though I found it unpleasant,'' said Harris, who describes herself as moderately ticklish.