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the imperial government of Napoleon III in France from 1852-1870

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The public will be able to experience the theatre - considered a masterpiece of Second Empire architecture - in Spring 2019.
Second Empire has become as much a moral as a stylistic label.
By framing le politique as an onto-theological extension of sovereignty and state power, many theorists have underestimated the extent to which the formless force field of politics "smallest p"--from backroom deal-making and social gossip to animal magnetism and atmospheric shifts of wind and air--upholds the capito-parliamentarian system that stretches from Second Empire France to the present day.
Mr Edelston had a lifelong interest in the Second Empire, having written a number of books on Eugenie's husband, Napoleon III.
Peter Starr is a professor of French and Comparative Literature with an abiding interest in how cultures respond to traumatic events: his focus on the Terrible Year in modern France examines the effects of the French army's defeat at Sedan and the fall of the Second Empire in 1870, which was followed by the Prussian occupation of France and the first siege of Paris.
He is indisputably one of the world's preeminent scholars on the social and economic history of nineteenth-century France, particularly of the period from the creation of the Second Republic in the summer and fall of 1848 through the military humiliation and collapse of the ill-fated Second Empire of Napoleon III in September 1870.
The second empire consists of the Knights of Enlightenment, who are supporters of computer hacking and advanced technology, and the third empire is made up of the DK, communist "space settlers.
The Royal Ballet's Christopher Newton has done an extraordinary job in piecing together fading videos and even faster fading dancer memories, patchworking the whole fabric together as seamlessly as designer Peter Farmer put together, with minimal necessary revisions, the original Second Empire designs by Robin and Christopher Ironside.
It might be thought that the Second Empire, centralizing and authoritarian (at least at first), would be put off by the liberal-minded symbiosis of local and national Guizot had labored so hard to effect, but nothing of the sort.
Art and Literature of the Second Empire/Les Arts et la Litterature sous le Second Empire.
Knowing that a geographical theory of capital circulation and capitalist production would be vital to understanding Second Empire Paris and its specific geographic configurations, Harvey set out to integrate a spatialised Marxism with a closely observed historical geography of Parisian urban transformation.
Artists represented include Kathe Hollwitz, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, George Grosz, Lionel Feininger among a wide range of artists whose work spans the the years between the Second Empire and the rise of the Nazis.
Desmond Seward's book is a sprightly and evocative account of the world of France's Second Empire.
His Second Empire colt ran a cracker on his racecourse bow, defying odds of 20-1 to finish third in a maiden at Ripon.
What was once an ornate Second Empire temple of commerce in Old Montreal has been transformed into a modern-day boutique hotel with 15 spare but warm rooms.
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