Second Coming

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(Christian theology) the reappearance of Jesus as judge for the Last Judgment

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From false miracles that "spread like locusts throughout the land, enticing and devouring those who embrace Bible-based deviancy" to signs of hope and love in a world gone mad, The Second Coming tackles questions of miracles and miracle-makers, false gods and real demons, and the transformations of ordinary men and women who rise above their influences and pasts to answer the beckoning calls of either heaven or hell.
The Shiite theology of the second coming of the Mahdi and the Christian theology of the second coming of Jesus are similar.
Both he and I live in Manchester, which is quite a small world, and we knew each other even before we did The Second Coming.
Even if many Mass-goers don't think much about the meaning of these words, the expectant hope for Christ's Second Coming and for the ultimate redemption and transformation of the world--what theologians call eschatology, the "talk about the last things"--is at the core of the Good News Christians proclaim.
As he is known as the Messiah, Second Coming was the obvious choice.
He said: "Three women, all Christian sisters who live in Inverness, came to me in the year 2000 and asked me to insure them in case they immaculately conceived the second coming of Christ.
They believe in the literal truth and absolute authority of scripture, the imminence of the Second Coming, the uniqueness of the Christian revelation, and the necessity of accepting that revelation if one wishes to be saved from the damnation that awaits unbelievers.
For still others, talk of the second coming is something they simply do not want to hear, so they stop listening.
The gravamen of this attack is that the President, in order to facilitate the Second Coming, "marches the world towards Armageddon.
He puts each of these "still pending" prophecies ranging from rapture of Christians with respect to the second coming of Christ, to the ten nations to be allied with the Anti-Christ, into their proper order of future fulfillment thereby providing the reader with a picture of the future.
Robertson also announced that the appearance of the Antichrist and the second coming of Jesus are not on the calendar this year.
intoned, "A vote for John Kerry will hasten the Second Coming.
Salvation Is from the Jews": The Role of Judaism in Salvation History from Abraham to the Second Coming.
His winning putt in the Ryder Cup is being treated as the second coming.
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