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(Christian theology) the reappearance of Jesus as judge for the Last Judgment

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The linchpin of the argument for the Second Advent lies in the interpretation of the word "tawaffa.
The), strongly believe that the establishment of Israel will lead to the second advent of Christ and that Christianity is the completion of God's promise to the Jews.
net) states the matter plainly: "The Christian world must confront the fact that the Messiah's second advent took place at the end of World War II, in an obscure setting," it reads.
Augustine interpreted the millennium as the period between the first and second advent of Christ, not a future period yet to begin.
The second Advent calendar was lit by Karsten Svensgaard and the Advent prayer read by Dawn Dyson.
For example, On August 27, 2008, hundreds of FPI members threatened Ahmadiyya congregants (Muslims that believe the second advent of Christ has been fulfilled) of Al Mubarak mosque in South Jakarta to cease their activities before the month of Ramadan.
For example, the MUI's 1980 and 2005 fatwas against the Ahmadiyya movement, a Muslim community that believes the second advent of Christ has been fulfilled, have been used as a "legal" basis for attacks on various Ahmadiyya communities since 1983.
This season is all about paying attention for his Second Advent.
Moon and his wife, Hak Ja Han, in an article published in Unification News in September of 1992, declared themselves "the True Parents of all humanity" and asserted, "[W]e are the Savior, the Lord of the Second Advent, the Messiah.
Whether this second advent crashes into a babel of incoherence or descends as tongues of fire will depend more on the discernment of believers than on the technology of engineers.
The second Advent candle was lit by Mrs Janet Grant and the Bible reading was given by Mr Paul Grant.
The children lit the second Advent candle and during the service took part in the All Age Nativity, when everyone is invited to be in costume.
Though his formal education was limited, Murray eventually taught theology at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts, and wrote the popular Millennial Studies to expound the historic Presbyterian view of Christ's Second Advent.
bar] Mr Paul Rand was the preacher on Sunday at the Methodist Church when the second Advent candle was lit.
bar] The second Advent candle was lit by the Baxter family at Linthwaite Methodist Church, when Hilary Baxter, her daughter Diane Loftus and her grandchildren Sam and Amy Loftus talked about Love.