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The effect of telomeric heterochromatin from Secale cereale on triticale (x Triticosecale) I: The influence of the loss of several blocks of telomeric heterochromatin on early endosperm development and kernel characteristics at maturity.
This study was carried out at the Department of Zoology at the University of Kalyani in India's West Bengal and was designed to test the hypothesis that the means by which homoopathic Secale 30C cures skin papilloma is by modulating the signalling proteins involved in the disease.
A eficiencia no uso de coberturas mortas no manejo de plantas espontaneas, em pomar de macieira pode ser verificada em resultados obtidos por Shribbs & Skroch (1986) que avaliaram diferentes especies de gramineas (Triticum aestivum, Muhlenbergia shreberi, Poa pratensis, Dactylis glomerata, Festuca arundinaceum) e leguminosas (Rubus laciniatus, Lespedeza stipulaciea, Rumex acetosella, Ambrosia artimesifolia, Trifolium subterraneum) como materiais de cobertura, alem de solo nu e cobertura morta composta por palhada de Secale cereale.
MEDICAMENTO E (gotas) Aesculus D1 10g, Secale cornutum D3, Viscum album D2, Tabacum D10, Solanum nigrum D6, Arnica D3, Equinacea angustifolia D2, Baptisia D4, Rhus toxicodendron D4, Cuprum D13, Ruta D4, Dulcamara D4, Colchicum D4, Barium jodatum D6, Hamamelis D4, Apis mellifica D4, Acidum benzoicum e resina D4, Arteria suis D10, Natrium pyruvicum D8 ana 1 g.
Los rompimientos espontaneos y errores de apareamiento entre homologos son irregularidades que han sido observadas en la meiosis de especies vegetales como Trillium hagae (Matsuura 1950), Paris verticillata (Haga 1953), Secale cereale (Rees y Thompson 1955), Tradescantia sp y Paeonia broowni (Lewis y John 1966).
For instance, at 25% FC average germination for Secale montanum, Elymus elongatum, Bromus inermis, Elymus repense, and Bromus tomentellus were 39.
Gene duplication in the structural dene for a glutamat oxaloacetate transaminase zone (GOT1) in Secale.
30c; if there is a burning sensation, try Secale 30c; or if heat makes it worse, try Pulsatilla 30c; all mail-order from Helios on 01892-536393.
Morphological, anatomical, and molecular consequences of growth and development at low temperature in Secale cereale L.
L12 and DNA from the grass Secale cereale used in testing PCR primer specificity (see below) were generously provided by C.
The name triticale is a mix of the Latin words for wheat, triticum, and rye, secale.
The characterized 13 DEGs (2-fold up-regulated), such as v-myb avian myeloblastosis viral oncogene homolog (MYB), recombination activating gene-1 (RAG-1), epithelial cell adhesion molecule (TACSTD1), Secale cereale 75k gamma secalin gene (75k gamma secalin ), snRNA (U6), microRNA mir-155 (ssc-mir-155), microRNA let-7c (ssc-let-7c), NCK interacting protein with SH3 domain/cadherin, EGF LAG seven-pass G-type receptor 3 (CELSR3,NCKIPSD), cAMP-regulated phosphoprotein, 21kDa (ARPP21), interleukin 20 receptor beta (IL20RB), DNA nucleotidylexotransferase (DNTT), collagen, type V, alpha 2 (COL5A2), and microRNA mir-374a/microRNA mir-374b/microRNA mir-421/microRNA mir-545 (ssc-mir-374a) are shown in Supplementary Table I.
White oats (Avena sativa variety Sederberg), triticale (Triticale secale variety Korog), italian rye grass (Lolium multiflorum variety Energa) and barley (Hordeum vulgare variety SVG 13) were evaluated for biomass yield and weed suppression.