seborrheic keratosis

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a skin condition characterized by circumscribed wartlike lesions that can be itchy and covered with a greasy crust

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We have taken only elderly individuals for the study, which in turn may be an independent risk factor for seborrhoeic keratosis.
Key words: Seborrhoeic keratosis, breast carcinoma.
Skin disease Percentage of participants with skin disease (%) Xerosis 28 Seborrhoeic keratosis (hand) 14 Seborrhoeic keratosis (face) 13 Pressure ulcer 7 Cherry angioma 5 Actinic keratosis (hand) 3 Actinic keratosis (face) 2
The differential diagnosis of such condition includes pyogenic granuloma, seborrhoeic keratosis, fibroma, melanoma, adenexal cysts, vascular tumours, basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma.
The percentage of seborrhoeic keratosis ranged from 37.
Eruptive seborrhoeic keratosis in human immunodeficiency virus infection: a coincidence or the sign of Leser-TrACopyrightlat' Br J Dermatol.