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The national seashore preserves historic structures built between the late 1700s to mid-1900s, the largest of which include four masonry forts built in the mid-1800s.
He called export of some parts of oil through Makran seashores strategic for Iran.
The Commission has observed that the said Act and the Rules do not apply to seashores and removal of sand from seashores.
THE WARTIME SEASHORE was not the seashore Americans knew and loved.
Titled "Atlantic National Seashores in Peril: The Threats of Climate Disruption," the RMCO/NRDC report contains the first set of maps detailing the portions of Atlantic national seashores that are low lying enough to be at real risk of being submerged by rising sea levels.
They're generally accepted in national recreation areas with lakes that have been formed by dams, but NPCA is more concerned with bans in national lakeshores and seashores, where resources are especially fragile.
Lillie treats or mentions 150 parks, monuments, and seashores and provides 330 color photographs and drawings.
I would dearly love to see every lake, river, stream and seashore in this region developed to the full for the benefit of locals and visitors alike.
And the prohibition would be delayed for two years at a dozen other units, mostly national seashores and lake shores, to allow for further study.
Aggressive, opportunistic, and tenacious, they form the forests of our hilltops, bogs, and seashores.
These extensive tracks indicate dinosaurs roamed along the seashores, and are probably the firmest evidence yet that dinosaurs migrated up and down the coast, Lockley says.
As you search for "The Code" among Roman ruins, along azure seashores, and through ancient streets and labyrinthine gardens, you must utilize strange inventions by an eccentric island scientist along with your own deductive reasoning.
We decided to take down infested trees as soon as we could to keep the seashores forests healthy into the future.
ORV use in our national seashores can put rare, threatened, and endangered wildlife species at totally unnecessary and unjustified risk; such noisy, polluting use can seriously degrade or destroy the recreational experience of the majority of visitors who travel on their own feet.
Five of the nation's 10 national seashores are in the Southeast.