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a light source with reflectors that projects a beam of light in a particular direction

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The artist hopes that his proposal to add the search light on top of the structure will be fulfilled one day, to complete the design.
The donated items are two Nxled LED search lights, Garmin eTrex 30x (GPPS), two units of Hahn SII Series Binocular 10x50W, two pieces of ICOM VHF Transceiver IC-V80 (handheld radios), and a megaphone.
The caution was given by Regional Transport Authority (RTA) Secretary and RTA superintendent during an operation carried out against search lights, overloading additional seats installed in heavy vehicles on Quetta-Karachi National Highway at Mian Ghundi check post.
The DG further informed that the Rescue 1122 has sophisticated international level equipments for carrying out its operations that included swimming costumes for both hot and cold waters, life jackets, rope throw guns, search lights and other state-of-the-art gadgets.
The HESCO's spokesman informed here on Friday that during the night long operation in the district 125 illegal connections were severed and dozens of search lights of 500 watts were confiscated.
Watch out for spivs, bombed-out families, canary girls, British and US troops, air raid sirens, search lights and military checkpoints.
THOSE of us who lived through the Second World War, experienced the bombs that dropped on the Boro, the worry and anxiety, running to the air-raid shelters, the sound of enemy planes, gunfire and search lights that lit up the skies.
Both have tons of great info on all types of lights, from EDC to search lights to tactical-use lights to camp lights and anything else that can produce light.