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a computer program that retrieves documents or files or data from a database or from a computer network (especially from the internet)

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Change a previously saved query by editing its search criteria in structured query language mode, instead of using the "Add to Query" function.
Entry Point Analysis - including where visitors come from and the search criteria they used to find the site.
Its Lois LawWatch [TM] provides personalized, intelligent search agents that automatically and continuously search the Loislaw website and then notifies subscribers when new documents match their search criteria.
The content architecture of the ECIX QuickVC Specifications is designed to enable a query to be composed using a few common search criteria (QuickVC Elements).
The site provides program and enrollment information and links to PMI's dentist directory, which lists participating DeltaCare dentists based on simple search criteria entered by prospective enrollees.
We want people to know that this process isn't taking place behind closed doors,'' said Leticia Quezada, a former Board of Education member who is on a committee appointed to establish the search criteria.
Though he acknowledges that the trust's criteria for its managers would not fulfill the manager search criteria of many mainstream pension plans, he is confident that the trust's overall design will undermine most of the arguments against hiring these firms, e.
Corporations: Legal and IT teams that perform in-house electronic discovery search and collection can run the exact same search criteria for non-networked laptops and desktops that they use over the network.
com may be accessed using such search criteria as minimum and maximum square footage requirements, building location, neighborhood maps, rental rates and lease terms.
The members of the search criteria committee, and the school board members who appointed them, are:
In addition to AppCritical's real-time continuous monitoring, which evaluates a network's ability to support enterprise business processes, the new version offers expanded platform support, improved search criteria, and enhanced test status messages.