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Irish playwright (1880-1964)


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There are a range of 'success stories' included, too--from nineteenth-century politician Justin McCarthy to Sean O'Casey to Bob Geldof.
Crossing to the other side of the river -- possibly using either the pedestrian Sean O'Casey Bridge or the just-opened Samuel Beckett Bridge, both named for Dublin-born writers -- leads to an even trendier part of the city.
The 151ft figure - almost half the height of the Irish capital's landmark Spire - is to be sited on the River Liffey next to the famous Sean O'Casey bridge.
Previous winners of the prize include Evelyn Waugh, Graham Greene, Sean O'Casey, Alan Bennett and Hilary Mantel, according to Booktrade.
Manahan has also earned this respect from critics, who regard her as an incomparable interpreter of the works of Sean O'Casey, J.
The other two finalists are the Mersey Wave gateway bridge at Liverpool, and the Sean O'Casey pedestrian swing bridge in Dublin.
Son of the well-known playwright, Sean O'Casey, Breon is a versatile artist who has worked as a weaver and jeweller.
to Ossie Davis, says that Lorraine Hansberry was influenced by the Irish playwright Sean O'Casey, while Ron Milner was influenced by such novelists as Ralph Ellison, Ernest Hemingway and Langston Hughes.
The millionaire Dublin movie hunk was to join the likes of Bono, Bertie Ahern and Sean O'Casey as the latest character at the well-known tourist attraction.
What we learn about our author/traveling companion over the course of the book must be extracted from passing comments--he's 74 when he decides to embark upon this walking tour of Ireland, he "loved toy soldiers as a lad," he's "reasonably" religious, he's originally from the vicinity of Fifth Avenue and 50th Street in Manhattan, he was a university teacher, and he "had become close" with playwright Sean O'Casey.
Those auditioning should prepare a monologue of approximately two minutes from the work of the following playwrights: Euripides, Sophocles, Shakespeare, Shaw, Ibsen, Chekhov, Sean O'Casey, Eugene O'Neill, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Ntozake Shange, Lanford Wilson, August Wilson and others.
The whole world's in a terrible state o' chassis, writes Sean O'Casey in his classic, Juno and the Paycock.
Previously, Turnage has written one full-length opera, Greek, and two shorter pieces of music theatre, but The Silver Tassie, with libretto adapted by Amanda Holden from the play by Sean O'Casey, is without doubt his masterpiece.
As philosopher Sean O'Casey once noted, "Laughter is brought in to mock at things as they are so they may topple down and make room for the better things to come.
In addition, she attempted to explain away her purchase of a "home" in England - asserting that the property was to lodge the books, letters, archives and memorabilia of her father, the late Sean O'Casey.