Sealyham terrier

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a wire-haired terrier with short legs that was first bred in Sealyham

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Breeds on the 'at watch' list, from left, the Cardigan corgi, Welsh springer spaniel, Pembroke corgi and sealyham terrier
Sealyham Terrier Charmin with the Cruft's Best in Show trophy, at the NEC, in Birmingham, following his victory yesterday Picture: RUI VIEIRA
PUPPY LOVE: Tracy gets a cuddle from Cooper VERY RARE TERRIER: Tracy Titchmarsh and her Sealyham Terrier Cooper SEALYHAM FANS: From left, Liz Taylor, Cary Grant, Princess
The staggering decline in the Sealyham terrier's popularity has seen the number of puppies registered with the Kennel Club fall to fewer than 50 in the UK, prompting Country Life magazine to launch a campaign aimed at saving the breed.
Former international drugs runner Alan "Dogs" Jones - so-called because he is never seen without his Sealyham Terrier, Dylan, at his side - has decided to pen his autobiography three decades after serving a jail sentence in North Africa and Spain for smuggling cannabis.
Champ: Last year's winner Sealyham Terrier Charmin and handler Margery.
The second Welsh breed under threat is the Sealyham terrier: 123 new puppies were registered in 1982 but 20 years later that fell to just 58.
The worst hit were Yorkshire terrier, down 68 per cent, then old English sheepdog, Sealyham terrier, Welsh corgi, rough collie and Shetland sheepdog.
Sealyham Terrier Charmin (of Group Terrier) and handler Margery from Pennsylvania USA, after they won Best in Show at Cruft's 2009, at the NEC in Birmingham.
The Milford Haven-based secretary of the Sealyham Terrier Club, Janet Wonnacott, 66, has three - Silver, Star and Gracie.
The four-year-old Sealyham terrier was named best in show at the world-famous event in Birmingham.
The Welsh terrier, Sealyham terrier, and Cardigan corgi, which were once common working dogs as well as pets, are now getting fewer, with registered numbers falling worryingly low.
A SEALYHAM terrier called Charmin was crowned Crufts champion bringing this year's controversial show at the NEC to a close.