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any of several small gregarious cetacean mammals having a blunt snout and many teeth

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Superintendent Paul Richardson said: "Operation Seahog was set up with the express intention of cracking down on those criminal gangs who were running the city's security at the expense of legitimate firms.
Operation Seahog was set up two years ago to crack down on criminal gangs running the city's security.
Firms which bully and intimidate their way to taking over lucrative contracts are being driven out of Liverpool by Operation Seahog, which was launched two years ago.
London's Metropolitan Police are so impressed by the success of Operation Seahog, they are taking its methods to the streets of the capital.
Merseyside police's Operation Seahog folk lowed protection pT rackets hitting conustruction sites and car dealerships.
The latest arrests follow the launch of Operation Seahog by Merseyside police in August last year.
Officers from Operation Seahog launched eight raids across Mersey-side yesterday as part of the on-going crackdown.
Operation Seahog was unveiled by detectives last year after gangland firms trying to muscle in on the security industry ahead of the Capital of Culture boom.
Chief Constable Bernard Hogan-Howe said Operation Seahog "completely legitimised" security in the area.
It is the next step of the ongoing Operation Seahog, which until now has put unlicensed guards before the courts.
Merseyside police visited addresses in Liverpool, Lancashire and Cheshire yesterday morning as part of Operation Seahog.
Today, Merseyside police officers involved in Operation Seahog, which aims to stop rogue security firms, said it had become aware of car dealers being targeted.