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a protective structure of stone or concrete

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Widodo told The Associated Press on Friday that it's time to move ahead with the sea wall, a project the government first began to consider a decade ago.
'The fact that we are now living without sea walls is just a disaster waiting to happen.
Sea walls are structures built between water and land areas, usually along the coastline to protect waves from hitting the shore and prevent soil erosion.
Like a canine King Canute she snarled and barked as the building tide gurgled, rippled, rolled, then flowed up the sea wall, sometimes pouring over, wetting my shoes and soaking her paws.
And the cost of building sea walls around all of Wales' 1,200km of coast would be around pounds 12bn.
Last year Conwy Council spent pounds 300,000 to repair a badly damaged sea wall at Old Colwyn.
Philippe de Villiers, a right-wing politician who heads the regional government in Vendee, told France-Info that the "sea wall that broke dated from [the era] of Napoleon".
Lyme Regis, a gateway town to the Dorset World Heritage Site, is situated on one of the most unstable and actively eroding stretches of coastline in the UK and over the centuries, various coast defence structures - including sea walls and the famous 13th-century Cobb have been constructed to protect the town against attack from the sea.
In the absence of man-made defences such as sea walls, the annual damage to property and roads in these areas exceeds pounds 2bn.
Operating much of the time on only two to four hours of sleep per day, Clark and his men repeatedly penetrated enemy lines in death-defying missions to measure the sea walls, explore the mud flats, determine enemy troop strength, locate the gun placements, and determine if and where mines had been laid.
On each side of it, light shoots down from lanterns onto dark, virtually black battered walls, which are given a curious, almost slimy texture (reminiscent of sea walls) by being sealed with linseed oil.
This hampered the acceptance of plastic lumber among civil engineers and city planners for use in structural applications such as decks, boardwalks, and sea walls.
For example, concrete sea walls protect homes but erode the habitat of sea turtles and other coastal critters.
Sea walls erected to protect the beaches of Scotland's Western Isles may be putting at risk the islands' ancient crofting way of life, according to research published in Geology.
He said: "Sea walls are fine for keeping out the sea but they trap things like sand and rock behind them.