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ascidian that can contract its body and eject streams of water

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Carpet Sea Squirt This recent arrival along the North Wales coast was first discovered at Holyhead marina in 2008 by scientists at the School of Ocean Sciences and is said to be a potentially problematic "alien" species as it is highly invasive.
There are more than 2,000 species of sea squirts, and they are found throughout the world.
The sea squirts were gone, and all of a sudden the glass sponges had tripled" in number, Richter says.
Colourful reefs and sea-grass meadows provide sanctuary to thousands of plants and animals including anemones, sea squirts and sponges, while the seas support internationally important populations of seals and dolphins.
Pete Brotherton, head of biodiversity at Natural England, said: "There is a wonderful array of fascinating creatures in this year's competition, from sea spiders and sea squirts, recently discovered mushrooms and rare hoverflies.
Sea squirts, for example, produce an agent that fights skin cancer.
They have found that cellulose from tunicates, commonly known as sea squirts, can influence the behaviour of skeletal muscle cells in the laboratory.
Percent of Total Known Marine Species by Taxonomic Group Taxonomic Group Percent CRUSTACEANS (lobsters, shrimp, krill) 19 MOLLUSKS (squid, clams, snails) 17 FISH (cod, catfish, tuna) 12 ALGAE (and other plantlike organisms) 10 PROTOZOA (unicellular microorganisms) 10 CNIDARIANS (jellyfish, corals, hydra) 5 ECHINODERMS (starfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers) OTHER VERTEBRATES (seals, seabirds, turtles) 2 OTHER INVERTEBRATES (sponges, sea squirts, worms) 22 SOURCE: CENSUS OF MARINE LIFE
From the evolutionary standpoint, individuals who play without getting themselves killed are mere likely to reproduce successfully, whether they are sea squirts (one of the book's examples) or humans.
The thyroid gland, which produces and stores vital thyroid hormones, is introduced as not only the largest endocrine gland but also the oldest phylogenetically; even sea squirts have a thyroid.
The translucent creatures were sea squirts, animals that usually feed by pushing seawater through their bodies and filtering out plankton.
STOCKHOLM -- Trabectedin, a synthetic version of a compound derived from sea squirts, significantly delayed progression of recurrent ovarian cancer in a large, randomized phase III trial presented at the European Society for Medical Oncology Congress.
A recent 10-week expedition turned up 15 potentially new shrimplike species, 4 potentially new corallike species, and lots of sea cucumbers, sea squirts, sponges, and more.
The disappearing ice had invited newcomers into the area, such as fast-growing, gelatinous sea squirts and slow-growing animals called glass sponges.