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ascidian that can contract its body and eject streams of water

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Other consequences of the wind farm include the possibility of an infestation of the Japanese sea squirt, which can stifle marine life around it, and some of which is already present at Holyhead harbour.
and Japanese biologists have sequenced nearly all the DNA of Ciona intestinalis, a sea squirt.
Sea squirts such as these commonly grow on hard surfaces in shallow subtidal areas and are particularly prevalent in marinas.
In this area Chris can expect to see marine wildlife such as multi-coloured sea slugs, light bulb sea squirts, sun stars, corals, crustaceans, seals, and diving sea birds.
In the basement is the fascinating Tidal Zone, a window under the bluegreen water of the harbour through which you can see fish, prawns, sea squirts and other sealife in their underwater home.
On Friday, people are invited to St Mary's Island, in North Tyneside, to discover bladder wrack, edi-ble crabs, sea squirts and dog whelks at the coast.
Sea squirts are primitive marine animals, actually relatives of ours.
Snails and clams were mostly gone, as were worms, colourful sea squirts and ornate feather stars.
A 2007 expedition revealed that sea squirts had taken over the area of the seafloor once shaded by Larsen A.
A "shark fin" on this life jacket by Sea Squirts helps children stay afloat.
The idea is a noble one: to give a helping hand to the plants and creatures which inhabit the seabed, from snakelocks anemones and gooseberry sea squirts to velvet swimming crabs.
The addition of Sea Squirts provides us with a high quality product line in keeping with what consumers have come to expect of Swimways, and provides us with an opportunity to strengthen our footprint in the marine market.
Colourful reefs and sea-grass meadows provide sanctuary to thousands of plants and animals including anemones, sea squirts and sponges, while the seas support internationally important populations of seals and dolphins.
Pete Brotherton, head of biodiversity at Natural England, said: "There is a wonderful array of fascinating creatures in this year's competition, from sea spiders and sea squirts, recently discovered mushrooms and rare hoverflies.