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any of numerous venomous aquatic viviparous snakes having a fin-like tail

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Undescribed by scientists until 1998, the talented mimic octopus is known to impersonate toxic flatfish, lionfish, and even sea snakes by creatively configuring its limbs, adopting characteristic undulating movements, and displaying bold brown-and-white color patterns.
With cobras and kraits, sea snakes and vipers, Pakistan is a dreamland for snake researchers.
DREAM MACHINE: Power turbine on the sea bed SEA SNAKES ON LOOSE: Booms will produce power from our northern waters
Most are sea snakes which are common in the waters off Bahrain.
The report also said the presence of dying birds and sea snakes suggest animals have already been affected.
Dolphins, migratory sea birds, sea snakes and marine turtles were exposed
Washington, August 6 (ANI): A new research has claimed that in a deadly game of heads or tails, venomous sea snakes in the Pacific and Indian Oceans deceive their predators into believing they have two heads, when in fact, their second head is actually their tail.
In one segment, Irwin and his team extract venom from sea snakes to provide antidotes to lethal bites.
Look out in the rest of the series for some TV firsts, including two million migrating Mongolian gazelle, venomous sea snakes in newly-discovered Indonesian coral reefs, a flock of 20 million red-billed quelea and an extraordinary deep-sea light show performed by vampire squid.
And then there is the night market, perhaps more alarming than charming, being something of a food zoo where chicken and noodles are sold alongside goat testicles and star fish, skewered sea-horses and scorpions, sea snakes and worms.
Bryan Fry, a biologist at the University of Melbourne in Australia, does just that with rattlesnakes, king cobras, death adders, sea snakes, and other reptiles most of us would rather avoid.
Sea snakes have no gills and must rise to the surface for air but they can stay underwater for hours.
It's the Laocoon, Harry Potter--style: Just as the Trojan priest was attacked by sea snakes as punishment for correctly predicting the future, so this wizard seems to have been hoisted by his own starry petard.