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Synonyms for sandpit

a large pit in sandy ground from which sand is dug

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a plaything consisting of a pile of sand or a box filled with sand for children to play in

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According to the company, the new SDX 3.0 Respiratory Gating Platform includes a robust trolley design featuring a combined single power and data cable to enhance workflow efficiencies from simulation through treatment.
In this market, the vendors are consistently investing in the development of SDx technology due to the rapid increase in demand for software-defined solutions from clients and other customers in the market.
The DPE group presented a significant decrease in glucose values compared with those of the SDX group during GTT at all time-points, with values similar to those of the control group.
For more information about the SDX family, please visit:
SDX facilitates delivery of one out of every five mortgage disclosures in the U.S.
TSX Venture Exchange has recognised Sea Dragon Energy Incorporated (Sea Dragon Energy) (TSX VENTURE: SDX) as one of the TSX Venture 50.
Litecontrol's SDx and Radi-X lighting fixtures combine the efficiency of direct/indirect lighting with style to meet the needs of a wide range of architectural spaces.
Delavan SDX spray drying nozzles are available as original equipment on dryers from major manufacturers or they can be installed as an inservice upgrade.
For example, below are five stories that won SDX awards this year and the records they cited.
Inxight ( has released SmartDiscovery Extraction Server (SDX), which is claimed to be the first commercially available and massively scalable solution for text analytics in more than 30 languages.
Buhler AG has launched its new three-roll mill SDX 300, a down-scaled pilot plant unit of the well established SDX 600.
One day I ran into a colleague from SDX, the Society of Professional Journalists, who had known me when I was at NBC News.
This ASDX series is an amplified version of Sensym ICT's proven performer and industry leading SDX series sensor.
spj and its foundation, Sigma Delta Chi (sdx), will pay up to $1 million to purchase, build out, wire, and furnish their new digs in Indianapolis, according to spj and sdx executive director Jim Gray.