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a member of the ancient nomadic people inhabiting Scythia

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the Iranian language spoken by the ancient Scythians

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Sustainability may sound like a modern concept, one we should understand better in the 21st century at a time of rising climate pressure; it was well understood by the Scythians many moons ago.
We might confess were used to having a Greek to look down on, a barbarian to whom we don't speak, a Scythian to fear, or a slave or two in our possession.
Saunders, "Making Sense of Nonsense Inscriptions Associated with Amazons and Scythians on Athenian Vases," Hesperia 83 (2014), 447-93.
The Triassic sequence consisted of vermiculate limestone layers with coloured shale inter-beds that belonging to the Scythian era.
When the Persian emperor Darius demanded that they stand and fight, the Scythian leader Idanthyrsus replied, "We Scythians have neither towns nor cultivated lands, which might induce us, through fear of their being taken or ravaged, to be in any hurry to fight with you .
The history records that the Scythian made Sindh their permanent abode and even now a large number of people of Scythian origin live in Sindh though now they have merged with local population.
The legend of the gold-guarding griffin, for example, sprang from tales first told by Scythian gold-miners who, passing through the Gobi Desert at the foot of the Altai Mountains, encountered the skeletons of Protoceratops and other dinosaurs that littered the ground.
When he writes to the Colossian church he is not foolish enough to suppose that they are unaware of "Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave and free.
A pixelated interactive art installation on your mobile may be one superlative too far, but spend just half an hour with lead character The Scythian traipsing around the moody woodland environments without so much as an in-game explanation and you'll be completely captivated.
You play as The Scythian, a warrior who, after exploring a forest in search of the Megatome - a book of great knowledge - is forced into cleaning up the mess she's created having unleashed an evil monster.
Worm's cabinet included crafts, taxidermy, fossils, and a Scythian lamb -- a mythical plant that was believed to sprout sheep as its fruit.
After the briefest of introductions by a mysterious sharp-suited man known as The Archetype, you find yourself in control of the swordwielding hero - The Scythian.
The programme includes Prokofiev's rollercoaster Scythian Suite, Liszt's Totentanz, Janacek's radiant Sinfonietta and Berg's Violin Concerto.
What Brasfield calls "that long / parade: Scythian, Rus, Tatar and Turk" musters across one sonnet; in another "the boy Antchel running with hoop / and stick down the strasse" returns readers to Paul Celan as a child in an innocent time.