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an ancient area of Eurasia extending from the Black Sea to the Aral Sea that was populated by Scythians from the eighth to the fourth century BC

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Excluding the ancestors of the Scyths, who wandered westward along the steppes north of the Caspian Sea.
500 BCE): `it smokes and gives out such a vapour as no Grecian bath can exceed: the Scyths, delighted, shout for joy'.
In Ukraine a little-known pegmatite deposit, possibly mined already by the Scyths near the Krim Peninsula, yields emerald crystals to 2 cm.
In an interesting passage Gregory illustrates the dangers of postponing baptism by referring to some recent attack by the Scyths, which had taken people off by surprise (364-12).
The Alexandrian librarian did not have to go to India, Iberia, Ethiopia, or to the land of the Scyths to trace a map of the earth.