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Synonyms for sculptor


Synonyms for sculptor

an artist who creates sculptures

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It was to little purpose that Fouquet had squandered thirty millions of francs in the fountains of his gardens, in the crucibles of his sculptors, in the writing-desks of his literary friends, in the portfolios of his painters; vainly had he fancied that thereby he might be remembered.
continued he, looking the sculptor in the eye with the most acute and penetrating glance that it had ever been his fortune to encounter.
As soon as possible after learning these particulars the sculptor, together with a sad and tremulous companion, sought Elliston at his own house.
Into this retirement the sculptor and his companion were ushered by Scipio, the old black servant, whose wrinkled visage grew almost sunny with intelligence and joy as he paid his humble greetings to one of the two visitors.
Remain in the arbor," whispered the sculptor to the figure that leaned upon his arm.
At that moment, if report be trustworthy, the sculptor beheld a waving motion through the grass, and heard a tinkling sound, as if something had plunged into the fountain.
The punishment has been severe," observed the sculptor.
As to themselves they were the bohemian circle, not very wide - half a dozen of us led by a sculptor whom we called Prax for short.
I was horribly vexed and apologized for that intrusion, saying that the fellow was a future great sculptor and perfectly harmless; but he had been swallowing lots of night air which had got into his head apparently.
Bucket; "and a friend of mine that you'll hear of one day as a Royal Academy sculptor would stand something handsome to make a drawing of your proportions for the marble.
Bucket must return to a little work he has to get on with upstairs, but he must shake hands with Mercury in acknowledgment of his agreeable conversation, and will he--this is all he asks--will he, when he has a leisure half-hour, think of bestowing it on that Royal Academy sculptor, for the advantage of both parties?
Germain Pillon was a famous French sculptor (1535-1598).
Yes, a chef d'oeuvre of the great Florentine sculptor, Benvenuto Cellini," replied Athos.
When I was doing the 6th Asean Sculptors Symposium in 1990 (for which he had endorsed me) I saw how Billy helped all the Asean sculptors, even to the point of climbing high ladders under the noon day sun to the shock and worry of us all!
Twenty-four sculptors from 14 countries will take part in the fifth International Sculpture Camp which will be held from January 27 to February 5 in Wadi al Jizzi in Sohar.