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Rosaceae (18 species), Brassicaceae (15 species), Lamiaceae (14 species), Fabaceae (12 species), Scrophulariaceae (11 species), Polygonaceae (10 species), and Liliaceae (10 species).
Plant Scrophularia striata belong to Scrophulariaceae is the most important medicinal plants.
Scrophulariaceae 15 Viola tricolor Violaceae 14 Paspalum notatum Poaceae 16 Neomarica northiana Iridaceae 18 Dietes iridioides Iridaceae 14 Pentas lanceolata Rubiaceae 16 Helianthus debilis Asteraceae 16 Neomarica caerulea Iridaceae 13 Hemerocallis fulva Xanthorrhoeaceae 18 Hibiscus coccineus Malvaceae 18 Agapanthus africanus Amaryllidaceae 20 Lantana montevidensis Verbenaceae 15 Stenotaphrum secundatum Poaceae 16 Odontonema strictum Acanthaceae 18 Euryops pectinatus Asteraceae 13 Brugsmania sp.
It can also be found in other families such as Verbenaceae, Proteaceae, Leguminosae, Sapotaceae, Scrophulariaceae and Malvaceae.
The 12 families containing ~59% of the documented species were Apiaceae, Asteraceae, Brassicaceae, Cyperaceae, Fabaceae, Lamiaceae, Liliaceae, Poaceae, Polygonaceae, Ranunculaceae, Rosaceae, and Scrophulariaceae.
The author does provide a summary of the new families that have emerged from Scrophulariaceae and genera that are now merged into this family on page 1106 but as noted above, the changes would have been best represented in a comparison table.
Scrophulariaceae sensu stricto are diverse in this respect.
We compare in vivo gas-exchange data and in vitro RUBISCO activity for a holoparasite (Orobanche corymbosa), a hemiparasite (Pedicularis canadensis), and a nonparasite (Antirrhinum majus) in the family Scrophulariaceae.
Diascia also belongs to the same clan, scrophulariaceae.
Pollination and flower diversity in Scrophulariaceae.
A N 4001 (Texas blue grass) Scrophulariaceae Linaria texana Scheele A, C, W N 4023 (Texas toad-flax) Solanaceae Solanum rostratum Dunal A N 3989 (Buffalo-bur) Ulmaceae Celtis reticulata Torr.
With recent studies on the Scrophulariaceae and related families, many genera have been transferred from Scrophulariaceae to the Orobanchaceae.
Brahmi) is perennial herb from Scrophulariaceae family, found in marshy places across Asia and Europe including Pakistan (Qureshi and Raza Bhatti 2008).