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a soothsaying spirit or a person who is possessed by such a spirit

(Greek mythology) dragon killed by Apollo at Delphi

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While there are pay options, such as Microsoft's ASP and Macromedia's ColdFusion, the good news is that open source scripting languages and databases are available for free.
Use of the OAS interfaces with detailed programming examples from the scripting language versions of the C++ Labs in the Si2 OpenAccess API Tutorial
The performance and usability of the new Scripting Languages Working Group bindings surpass previous open scripting language implementations.
This report examines the opinions and attitudes of developers worldwide who use the top scripting languages.
Windows PowerShell makes IT Professionals more productive by providing an easy-to-use, manage and deploy scripting language that is designed specifically for the unique needs of Windows IT Professionals, said Jeffrey Snover, Architect of Windows PowerShell at Microsoft.
developers of the PrimalScript(TM) line of award-winning Universal Scripting Environments (USE), announced today their ongoing involvement with Microsoft and their upcoming support for Microsoft's new scripting language PowerShell(TM), previously referred to as "Monad".
Jonathan continued, "The first TFM offering to be hitting the shelves will focus on Microsoft's recently announced PowerShell(TM) scripting language and will be authored by Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks.
the PHP company, today announced that the world's most popular Web scripting language, PHP, will be ported to IBM's "all-in-one" System i business computing solution.
More than 85 genomics processes employ the JMP Scripting Language (JSL) to launch customizable SAS(R) macro programs in the background, enabling unparalleled data processing and statistical capabilities.
LOUIS -- Appistry, a pioneer and leading provider of application fabric software, today announced its intention to support applications developed using the Python scripting language following Microsoft's release of IronPython 1.