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Russian composer of orchestral and piano music (1872-1915)

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It's mostly Chopin, Scriabin, my own compositions and authors of a spectral bent.
Scriabin is fascinating in his musical inventiveness -- and in his later works, his bent towards mysticism and interest in multimedia.
Composers include Samuel Scheidt, Purcell, Robert Lucas Pearsall, Jean Baptiste Eduard Du Puy, Louise Farrenc, Wagner, Henri Kling, Agathe Backer-Grandahl, Dvorak, Wilhelm Volkmann, Jules de Swert, Mussorgsky, Scriabin, Louis Delune, Karl Eduard Goepfart, Ravel, Berg, Emil Kronke, Satie, Josef Spary, Puccini, and Hendrik Willems.
This project is being successfully implemented with help of active participation in it of a number of CIS countries, the deputy director of the museum exposition Victor Scriabin said.
Each chapter begins with quotations largely drawn from Scriabin and Leonid Sabaneev (Scriabin's close friend and biographer), expressing Scriabin's idiosyncratic ideas on tonal eroticism, polarity of the sexes (masculine/ feminine), and musical sensuality (pp.
The 2014-2015 season of the series will end with a high note on June 4, when Swiss classical pianist Oliver Schnyder presents a repertoire of pieces by Schubert, Scriabin and Brahms.
The vast landscape of Russia, July 15, gets illustrated by Borodin, Scriabin and Tchaikovsky.
Isadora's shawl like a Scriabin etude irresistibly white and as
The musical program for the evening drew exclusively from the Romantic tradition sampling works by Liszt and Scriabin -- "Dawn of Peace and Harmony," from his "Symphony No.
In those days I was spending a lot of time listening to a piece by Alexander Scriabin, Piano Sonata No.
Drawing largely on handwritten innovation transcriptions of piano-roll recordings, and copies of actual piano rolls by Russian composer Scriabin (1872-1915), Leikin (music, U.
I love Scriabin most of all--the spare, crystalline beauty of his Preludes, and the intense blaze of the Etudes and Sonatas.
The following night, Stephen Hough gives a piano recital at the Town Hall to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Chester Federation of Arts playing Beethoven, Liszt, Janacek and Scriabin, and the Tuesday lunchtime concerts return to the Town Hall in mid October.
10 by Alexander Scriabin and Allemand by Eugen d'Albert.
In addition to visual colors, Scriabin intended the performance of this piece to exploit the senses of smell (provided by various incenses) and touch (I'm not certain that I want to go there), as well as to feature ballet accompaniment.